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Our Latest Broadcasts

Nov 25 2014

Griff gave an overview of today's show and introduced the eBay Radio News with Lee Mirabal. Stories include new Seller Protections; free listings; a weather advisory; and hot holiday deals. Griff and Lee took turns reading eBay's new $1,000,000 Gift Guide, linked from

Nov 25 2014

2014 midterm elections update and internet sales tax in the lame-duck session of Congress! Our guest is Tod Cohen, Vice President, Global Government Relations, and Deputy General Counsel, eBay Inc. Join eBay Main Street and let your voice be heard! Write or tweet your Congressional representatives here:

Nov 25 2014

Open phones, Contact Us email and more! Eric Nash from ( called in with the day's Shipping Report, which was about shipping to military addresses. has a free downloadable U.S. Military Mail Guide that you can download here:

Lee gave us an update on the Bay Radio mobile apps for the iPhone and iPad, which have finally been released! You can find them in the Apple Apps Store or iTunes by searching for "ebay radio", or view them here:

Marilyn, Loveland CO (most), asked how she could find Giving Works listings benefiting a specific charity. Austin, Dallas TX (pricedrightcomputers), has buyers who open Item Not As Described cases, then it turns out they just didn't know how to make the item work. Can he get those defects removed?

Nov 25 2014

How to evaluate and list vintage clothing for the holidays! Our guest is Linda Bottino, known on eBay as Top-Rated Seller linbot1.

Nov 25 2014

Selling vintage and antique jewelry! Our guest is Denise Dent, known on eBay as Top-rated seller *****vintageandsuch.

Nov 25 2014

Open phones, Contact Us email, and more! Don, Los Angeles CA (treasure-hunters-online), wrote in about the Sell Your Item form bug that other sellers have reported, where prices and other information don't stay entered. He also wants to be able to search for Sold Items on eBay Mobile, change searches and have Sold Items filter still in place rather than search defaulting back to Active Items.

Christie, Dumphries VA (youarefamous), called with a workaround for an oft-reported bug; she also has a challenge with her sold items relisting themselves. Jason, Saxonburg PA (unashamed777), is going to go from Top-Rated to Above Standard in his next evaluation period due to not meeting the 90% tracking upload requirement; will extending his handling time for certain items save his Top-Rated Seller status?

Nov 25 2014

Contingency planning to protect your business on eBay! Our guest is Sandi Garcia, known as social media marketing coach Social Sandi and Top-Rated Seller officethreads.

Nov 25 2014

New Print Shipping Label feature in eBay Mobile apps! Our guest is Ginger Leishman, Marketing Manager for eBay Mobile.

Nov 25 2014

Open phones, Contact Us email and more: First-time caller and new listener Paula, Sherwood OR (neverlandnook), asked how to upload multiple photos using eBay Mobile on her new Turbo Droid. She also wanted to know where to find Griff's eBay Radio Group newsletter with the Secret Word. (It's the 2nd discussion thread on the list of discussion posts at, with the word NEWSLETTER in its title; you have to be signed in through Community to see it, even if you're already signed in to eBay.) David, Torrance CA (simos310), won the Secret Word Contest.

Nov 20 2014

Lee started off the show with a trivia question. The prize for answering it is a $25 Bubblefast gift certificate. Griff announced that eBay For Business is helping you pack a little prettier for the holidays with a special downloadable holiday tag you can print out, personalize and enclose with each item; go to (no w-w-w).

Griff was almost late for the show because he was in a meeting about eBay's 20th anniversary next year and forgot the time. Wendy, Aurora CO (foundtreasurechest), used the Contact Us link on the eBay Radio player to request a listing dish of item number 281496573684. She heard the dishing and called in for the first time. She received a score of 4.95 tureens. First-time caller Christy, Dumfries VA (u_r_famous), called in about her sold items relisting themselves.