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eBay Radio Guests: January 14, 2014 – Show 538

• Chavi Rastogi, CEO, WonderLister: eBay Desktop Ecommerce Selling Application
• Brooks Duncan, Owner, DocumentSnap: How to Go Paperless
• Maida Webster, Top-Rated Seller connectibles: I Love Lucy Personal Memorabilia Auction Follow-up, Including Benefits of Using Auction Format for Unusual Collectibles
• Sunita Rai, Top-Rated Seller sraikh4: Tips for Product Sourcing at Auctions
• Sharon Ware, President of Dandelion Consulting, eBay Certified Business Consultant and Top-Rated Seller wareskscrapbooks: Five Tips for Sourcing Products at Trade Shows

eBay Radio Guests: January 7, 2014 – Show 537

• Devin Wenig, President of eBay Marketplaces
• John "ColderICE" Lawson, CEO, ColderICE Media: How to Make Holiday Sales in 2014 Kick Ass
• Jon Bach, Engineering Director for Live Site Quality: Jon the Bug Hunter
• Lynn Dralle, Top-Rated Seller thequeenofauctions: Learning from Your Buying Mistakes
• Hillary DePiano, eBay ID pricednostalgia and Author of The Whine Seller Blog: The Advantages of Registering Your Business on eBay

eBay Radio Guests: December 17, 2013 – Show 536

• John "ColderICE" Lawson, CEO of ColderICE Media: Amping Up the Holidays
• Miriam Otto, Top-Rated Seller bluefrogshoes1 and Author of The eBay Life Blog: How to Make 2014 Your Most Profitable Year Ever
• Katherine Terrill, Top-Rated Seller nycfitnessfamilyfinds: Get Ready for the New Year Now
• Jennifer Crowder, Top-Rated Seller boston_fashion_house: How to Source High-End Goods Twitter: @BostonFH
• Tim Chapman, Top-Rated Seller mr.customerservice: Five Tips for Expanding Your Collectible and Estate Sale Product Horizons

eBay Radio Guests: December 10, 2013 – Show 535

• Eric Gazin, Founder/President, Auction Cause: Hot Holiday Charity Auctions on eBay
• Marc Siegel, Community Manager, eBay Guides: eBay Guides Platform
• Stephanie Inge, Founder/Organizer of the Dallas eBaybes & eMales and Author of the Meetup Organizer Step-by-Step Success Guide: The Meetup Organizer Step-by-Step Success Guide
• Guusje Moore, Top-Rated Seller guusjebooks: Staying Competitive on eBay
• Bryan Goodman, Top-Rated Seller mr.bigfoot, and Jason T. Smith, Top-Rated Seller tikipugmusic, Partners in Thrifting with the Boys: Thrift Hunters on Spike TV

An eBay Seller’s Top 10 Reasons to Be Thankful

10) opened cases no longer count against sellers
9) the ability to send photos through My Messages
8) 12 free pictures with every listing
7) revised standards for Top-Rated Seller status
6) fee simplifcation
5) enhanced feedback removal policy
4) Global Shipping Program
3) eBay Hassle-Free returns
2) eBay Radio
1) eBay itself, for being the world's online marketplace and giving us a home base for ecommerce entrepreneurship -- all that, plus eBay Radio too!

November 26, 2013 – Show 534

• Cindy Sorley, Top-Rated Seller bubbacandance: Business Challenges
• John Slocum, President, SixBit Software: How SixBit Can Help Blackthorne Users Cope with the Upcoming Change
• Jon Bach, eBay's Engineering Director for Live Site Quality: Jon the Bug Hunter
• Tiffany Nabors, Top-Rated Seller c2selectronics: Time Management
• Debbie Wieder, Top-Rated Seller thebookkiosk: The Three Fs - Fear, Faith and Fourth-Quarter Tips

eBay Radio Guests: November 19, 2013 - Show 533

• Scott Henshaw,Top-Rated Seller nanettestore: How to Improve Your Seller Performance Rating
• Charlene Anderson, Top-Rated Seller purveyorallthingscreative: Simple Steps to Grow Your Business on eBay
• Joseph DeMarco, Top-Rated Seller hubcapjoes: Optimizing Your eBay Search Results
• Lynn Dralle, Top-Rated Seller thequeenofauctions: Scores for the Holiday Season - How to Make the Most Money During the Next Six Weeks
• Mark Montgomery, Top-Rated Seller guppy64: Five Tips for Keeping Your Business on Track

eBay Radio Guests: November 5, 2013 – Show 532

• Heraldo Botelho, Manager, eBay Buyer Protection, and Rich Matsuura, Director, eBay Seller Protection: eBay Money Back Guarantee
• Anne Mamaghani, Senior User Experience Research Manager, eBay: User Experience Research at eBay
• Jeff Terrell, Director, eBay Community: Connecting with Others in the Community
• Sandi Garcia, a.k.a. Social Sandi, Top-Rated Seller officethreads: New Rules for Search-Engine Optimization
• Maida Webster, Co-Owner of Connectibles: I Love Lucy & Desi Sale Part 2 of Memorabilia and Keepsakes from Their Daughter's Collection

eBay Radio Guests: October 29, 2013 – Show 531

• Kelli Dickie, Manager, Strategic Shipping, eBay: USPS Holiday Shipping Promotion
• Joyce Banbury, eBay Certified Business Consultant and Organizer of the Kansas Jubilee - eBay to Ecommerce: Kansas Jubilee Highlights and Future Plans
• Ryan Emge, Social Media Program Manager, eBay: eBay Electronics' Visit to Photo Plus Expo and eBay Motors at SEMA
• Ryanne Hodson, Co-producer, eBay Scavengers Podcast and Blog: Turning Trash into Cash
• Tara Daly, Professional Seller Marketer, eBay: Top-Rated Seller Webinar - "How to Shoot Like a Pro"

eBay Radio Guests: October 22, 2013 – Show 530

* Kenric Russell, Manager, eBay Mobile Beta Program: Why We'd Love to Have You as a Mobile Beta User
* Ted Fullerton, President, Ship Track Send: An eBay Compatible Application for Sellers Who Drop Ship
* Ginger Leishman, Marketing Manager, eBay Mobile: Mobile Apps Get a Makeover!
* Marsha Collier, Author of Social Media for Dummies and Top-Rated Seller marsha_c: Profiles, Follows and Social Media for the Holidays
* Lisa Suttora, Owner, OMG! It’s October, and I’m Not Ready for Holiday Selling!

eBay Radio Guests: October 15, 2013 – Show 529

• Cliff Ennico, Attorney and Small Business Expert: What You Should NOT Say on Social Media
• Scott Henshaw, Partner at Nanette's Variety Store, Top-Rated Seller nanettestore: eBay Employees Supporting the Community
• Jon Bach, Engineering Director for Live Site Quality: Jon the Bug Hunter
• Glenn Fadner, President, Kingdom Ventures, Inc. and Top-Rated Seller kingdom-ventures: Using eBay to Empower Artisans in Developing Countries
• Suzanne Wells, CEO, Unite Commerce, and eBay ID atlantagolfshop: New Online Ecommerce School
• Plus Chris Dawson of Tamebay, Endicia, Outright, Kabbage. Inventory Scouts, your calls, and more!

eBay Radio Guests: October 1, 2013 – Show 528

* Christopher Matthew Spencer, Global Business Team Leader, Kathy Ireland Worldwide: Consignment Selling to Raise Donations for Nonprofits
* Charlene Anderson, Top-Rated Seller purveyorallthingscreative: Why You Should Be Selling Internationally
* Hillary DePiano, eBay ID pricednostalgia and Author of The Whine Seller Blog: Adapting to Change
* Cindy Sorley, Top-Rated Seller bubbacandance: The Customer Experience Program at eBay
* Sunita Rai, Top-Rated Seller sraikh4: Selling on eBay and Raising Kids

eBay Radio Guests: September 24, 2013 – Show 527

• Debbie Levitt, CEO of As Was: Why What Your Listings Look Like Matters More Than Ever (in New Cassini Search)
• John Lawson, Platinum PowerSeller 3rdpoweroutlet and CEO at ColderICE Media: ICE Retailer Conference
• Danni Ackerman, Top-Rated Seller udderlygoodstuff, known as The Danni App: Top Five Tips to Make Your Smartphone "Ka-Ching"
• Joyce Banbury, eBay Certified Education Specialist and eBay ID holidaymarket: Changing from a "Selling" to a "Merchandising" Mentality
• Rich Siok, eBay Education Specialist, Top-Rated Seller appealingsigns, and Founder/Organizer of the Chicagoland Area eBay Sellers Meetup Group: Creating a Sellers Group in Your Area