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eBay Radio Guests: June 19, 2014 - Show 559

Broadcasting live from the Platinum Ballroom in Bally's Las Vegas!
* Mark LeVine, Owner/Partner, Bubblefast
* Matt Brossard, Customer Experience Manager, Terapeak
* Mystery Guest
* Angel Stidham, Marketing Manager, ShipStation
* Mystery Guest

eBay Radio Guests: June 18, 2014 - Show 558

Broadcasting live from the Platinum Ballroom in Bally's Las Vegas!
* Eric Nash, Director of Online Marketing,
* Mystery Guest
* Britt Pecht, Product Marketing Specialist, WorthPoint
* Sebastian Baerend, CEO, BidOnFusion
* Jeff Terrell, Director of Community, eBay

eBay Radio Guests: June 17, 2014 – Show 557

Broadcasting Live from the Platinum Ballroom at Bally's Las Vegas!
* Victoria Treyger, Kabbage
* Jonathan Jecker, Endicia
* Priyanka Sharma, GoDaddy Online Bookkeeping

eBay Radio Guests: June 10, 2014 – Show 556

Our guests for today are:

  • Tod Cohen, VP and Deputy General Counsel, Government Relations, eBay Inc: Global Asset Protection Team
  • Christopher Matthew Spencer, Author of GROW RICH with eBay Consignment and Top Rated Seller borntodeal: How to Combat Apathy and "Can I Really Do This Part-Time?"
  • Kathleen Manning, Certified eBay Education Specialist and Business Consultant and Top Rated Seller beachboundhawaii: Let This Be The Summer of Sizzlin' Sales - Top Tips to Keep your Sales Moving
  • Debbie Womack, Top Rated Seller hometooutdoors: Sellers Helping Sellers
  • Ann Timbreza, a.k.a. Grannie Annie, Top Rated Seller stuff-from-hawaii: 5 Ways eBay has Improved in the Last Decade...from a Veteran Seller

eBay Radio Guests: June 3, 2014 – Show 555

Guests for eBay Radio #555:

  • Brandon Delgrosso, CEO, Top Drop-Shipping Strategies for eBay Sellers
  • James Massey, Publisher, Rare Item Sales on eBay
  • Ginger Leishman, Marketing Manager for eBay Mobile: eBay Mobile Updates Offer More Seller Features
  • Bryan Goodman, Co-Star of Thrift Hunters and Top Rated Seller mr.bigfoot: Making Best Offer Work for You
  • Stephanie Inge, eBay Education Specialist and Top Rated Seller stephintexas: Promoting Yourself and Your Business, Online and Off

Small Business is the BackBone of the American Economy

According to eBay Main Street, a recent study released by ADP showed that small businesses really are the backbone of the American economy. According to the study, from February to March of this year, small businesses created 72,000 jobs…or 38% of all employment gains.

In addition, the study found that very small businesses…those with 1 to 19 employees…were responsible for 53% of the small business jobs created. The ADP National Employment Report provides a monthly snapshot of U.S. nonfarm private sector employment based on actual transactional payroll data.

eBay’s Dads & Grads marketing campaign kicks off this week, driving family and friends to eBay in search of your great deals.

To see a list of relevant categories, go to…no w-w-w. On top of listing your hot items and top deals in those categories, follow these tips to make the most out of this high-velocity selling season.

1. Make sure your Fashion, Jewelry and Handbags listings qualify for exposure on our special Dads and Grads gift pages…see for details.

2. Supercharge a gift-giver’s confidence level in your items… offer a great returns policy.

3. Make sure your listings look great when viewed on mobile devices.

4. Offer free expedited service to make your listings Fast 'N Free. Having the Fast 'N Free logo on your listings can deliver a lift in sales of up to 11%. When you offer free expedited shipping and one-day handling, the Fast ’N’ Free logo will be seen on your listing by all US buyers.

eBay Radio Guests: May 20, 2014 – Show 554

• Vicki Conley, eBay ID pictureithere: What I Learned at Boot Camp
• Joseph DeMarco, Top Rated Seller hubcapjoes: Five Tips for Using eBay to Increase the Profits of Your Brick and Mortar Store
• Cindy Sorley, Top Rated Seller bubbacandance: When Things Get Tough, Professional eBay Sellers Keep Going
• Kathy Terrill, Top Rated Seller nycfitnessfamilyfinds: A Free Way to Drive Traffic to Your eBay Listings
• Brianna Moller Greene, Top Rated Seller the_life_of_luxury and Owner of the Ecommerce Elite Facebook Group: Five Places to Source Inventory

eBay Radio Guests: May 13, 2014 – Show 553

• Scott Henshaw, Top Rated Seller nanettestore: eBay's Global Shipping Program
• Katheryne Shelton, Top Rated Seller katharyne: A Lady, a Kitchen Table and a Huge Pile of Bubble Wrap
• Lexi Sack, Manager, Collectibles Category, eBay: What You Should Know About Selling Collectibles on eBay
• Dean Butler, Former Actor on TV's Little House on the Prairie: Collectibles and New Release of Little House on the Prairie on eBay
• Lynn Dralle, Top Rated Seller thequeenofauctions: Garage Sale Season is in Full Swing!

eBay Radio Guests: May 6, 2014 – Show 552

• Michelle Anton, Author of Weekend Entrepreneur: 101 Great Ways to Earn Extra Cash: Publicity Made Easy
• Chavi Rastogi, CEO, WonderLister: eBay Desktop Selling Application
• Jason T. Smith, Top Rated Seller tikipugmusic and the Political Half of Thrifting with the Boys: My Day on Capitol Hill for eBay's Washington, DC Fly-In 2014
• Sandi Garcia, Social Media Marketing Coach and Top Rated Seller officethreads: Five Ways to Optimize Your Facebook Business Page for Social Selling
• "Diva" Dawn Ralston, Top Rated Seller divadawnlv and Owner of Declutter with Diva Dawn: Five Inventory Mistakes eBay Sellers Make

eBay Radio Guests: April 29, 2014 – Show 551

* John Bodine, Senior Manager, eBay Social: Growing Your Business with Pinterest
* Audrey Tracy, Community Manager, eBay for Business: eBay for Business
* Drew Griffin, Author/Developer and Owner of eBay ID auctionlab: eBay Mobile Commerce via Apps
* Charlene Anderson, Top Rated Seller, purveyorallthingscreative: Top Rated Seller Tips
* Brandon Dupsky, eCommerce Coach - eCommerce Money for Nothing and Owner of eBay ID onfair: Your Time is Not Free, Let's Free Up Your Time!

eBay Radio Guests: April 15, 2014 – Show 550

* Austin Vance, Category Manager for Sports Memorabilia, eBay: A New Way to Manage Your Sports Cards on eBay
* Carolyn "CJ" Jacinto, Top Rated Seller xoxmas, eBay Education Specialist and Certified Business Consultant: Helping Others as a Certified eBay Education Specialist
* Jennifer Crowder, Top Rated Seller boston_fashion_house: Spring Product Sourcing
* Sharon Ware, Top Rated Seller wareskscrapbooks, eBay Certified Business Consultant and Owner of Dandelion Consulting: Is it Time to Move Your Business Outside of Your Home?

eBay Radio Guests: April 1, 2014 – Show 549

* Eric Gazin, Founder/President, Auction Cause: Lindt Gold Bunny Celebrity Auction to Raise Money for Autism Awareness
* Omar Barlas, Managing Director, Peridot Technologies: 360-Degree Holograms for Your eBay Listings
* Maya Weinstock, Product Manager, BannerPlay: BannerPlay's New eBay Advertising App
* Tim Chapman, Top Rated Seller mr.customerservice: Four Ways to Run Your Business on eBay More Efficiently
* Guusje Moore, Top Rated Seller guusjebooks: How to Find Good Estate Sales