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eBay Radio Guests: September 23, 2014 – Show 570

eBay Radio guests for September 23, 2014, show number 570:

  • Justin White, Co-founder of Selery LLC and eBay ID seleryit: Selery and Selery Fulfillment
  • Michelle Anton, Author of Weekend Entrepreneur, TV Producer and eBay ID msantontoo: How to Grow Your Business with Facebook
  • Dee Taylor, Top Rated Seller deedee1020: I'm a Brand New Seller, and I'm Lovin' It!
  • Cie Bay, Top Rated Seller cie-bay: Social Media's Effects on Customer Service
  • Mark Montgomery, eBay ID guppy64: Using eBay to Live Out a Lifelong Dream

Another Top 10 Strategy for Growing Your Business on eBay - From eBay's Seller Information Center

Invest in an eBay Store! Get from 150 up to 2,500 free listings per month when you showcase your listings in a fully customizable eBay Store. You also get special access to advanced design, marketing and reporting features plus dedicated toll-free customer support! When you subscribe to an eBay store, you’re given a powerful suite of tools to help you build, manage, promote and track your business on eBay.

eBay Radio Guests: September 16, 2014 – Show 569

eBay Radio guests for September 16, 2014, show number 569:

  • Tod Cohen, Vice President and Deputy General Counsel, Global Government Relations, eBay Inc.: Ownership Rights - Your Right to Resell Property You Own
  • Carolyn "CJ" Jacinto, eBay Certified Business Consultant and PowerSeller xoxmas: Regaining Your Top Rated Seller Status
  • Joel Elad, Author and Top Rated Seller joel.elad: Preparing for the Holidays
  • Sharon Ware, Founder, Dandelion Consulting, eBay Certified Business Consultant and Top Rated Seller wareskscrapbooks: Reinventing Yourself and Your Business
  • Stephanie Inge, eBay Education Specialist and eBay ID stephintexas: Ecommerce Tips for Success on eBay

Another Top 10 Strategy for Growing Your Business on eBay - From eBay's Seller Information Center

Drive additional sales! Offer combined shipping discounts. Encourage buyers to purchase multiple items by offering discounts on multiple items. Use Markdown Manager to create a limited time sale or free shipping to create a sense of purchase urgency. Use eBay's new multi-variation listing format to create one listing showing all the sizes and colors you have of a single item.

eBay Radio Guests: September 9, 2014 – Show 568

eBay Radio guests for September 9, 2014, show number 568:

  • Jonathan Haney, Senior Manager, Returns Experience, eBay: Holiday Returns
  • Ginger Leishman, Marketing Manager, eBay Mobile: Update on eBay Mobile
  • Matt Brossard, Customer Experience Manager for Terapeak: New Listing Scoring Tool
  • Del Paeske, Top Rated Seller timecatchers: Staying in Touch
  • Gladys Ramos, Top Rated Seller antiques_r_great: Subjective Item Conditions vs. Objective Item Conditions

Another Top 10 Strategy for Growing Your Business on eBay - From eBay's Seller Information Center

Use the Seller Dashboard to monitor your performance. You can access this essential tool through My eBay. Among other important information, you can view details about your PowerSeller or Top Rated Seller status, policy compliance and buyer satisfaction.

eBay Radio Guests: August 26, 2014 – Show 567

* Maida Webster, Top Rated Seller connectibles: Following Up on How eBay Keeps Our Boat Afloat AND a Special Antique Iron Sold on eBay
* John Lawson, CEO of ColderICE Media: 7 Tips for Great Customer Service That Will Keep Them Coming Back for More
* Sherry Gilson, Education Specialist and Top Rated Seller mylittlegeneralstore: Just the Facts and Only the Facts for a Stress-Free Selling Experience
* Dallas Moore, Owner, East Texas Liquidators LLC and eBay ID easttexasestatephotos: Selling Antiques and Collectibles
* Christine Bolghand, Social Media Marketing MBA Intern at eBay Inc.: Martha Stewart American Made Pinterest Sweepstakes

eBay Radio Guests: August 19, 2014 – Show 566

* Sebastian Baerend, Founder/CEO, BidOnFusion: National Box Sales Featuring $10 Shipping...and More
* Kat Simpson, eBay ID thekatsboutique: Getting Started in Wholesale
* Darren Adams, Owner, Pristine Comics; eBay ID highgrademagic-pristinecomics: Selling Superman -- Auctioning Action Comics #1
* Katherine Terrill, eTRS nycfitnessfamilyfinds: What You Didn't Know About Promotions Manager
* Janelle Elms, Visionaire of the OSI RockStars: Your Customers “Twitch” -- and You Can Profit from It

Another Time-Saving Tip from the eBay for Business Blog!

Selling Manager, which is free to all sellers, lets you make quick work of leaving positive feedback for buyers with stored feedback comments. You don’t have to type in a new comment each time. Instead, you can store up to 10 customized feedback messages for your customers. Five are provided to get you started, but you can edit, delete and create your own at any time.

Find out more about how to use this time-saving feature at, and get more terrific tips for your business on eBay at

eBay Radio Guests: August 12, 2014 – Show 565

Our guests for the Fall Seller Update edition of eBay Radio are:

  • Brian Burke, Director of Global Reputation, and Kristine Deimoz, Senior Manager of Seller Experience: Post-Transaction Defects
  • Jonathan Haney, Head of Returns Experience: Hassle-Free Returns
  • Dennis Pereira, B2C Product Marketing Manager, and Tuanh Decroix, Senior Product Manager: Selling Manager and Selling Manager Pro
  • Aparna Lahiri, Manager of eBay Global Shipping Program, and Dallas Rowsell, Product Manager: The Global Shipping Program

eBay Radio Guests: August 5, 2014 – Show 564

  • Jake Becker, Owner,, eBay ID watchcount: Review of Popular Free eBay Search Tools at
  • Jeff Terrell, eBay's Director of Community, eBay ID theterrells: eBay In Person Events
  • Lori Myers, eBay ID thriftyluxe*: Transitioning to Holiday Selling
  • Linda Bottino, Top Rated Seller linbot1: How to Spot and Date Vintage Clothing

Another Top 10 Strategy for Growing Your Business on eBay - From eBay's Seller Information Center

Do your research! Before listing, learn all about how eBay displays search results, and find out if your item does best in a Fixed Price format or an Auction-style listing.

After listing, use the Listing Analytics app to get insight into the visibility, clicks and sales your listings are generating. Learn about your best and worst performers, and revise listings right from the app to maximize sales.

Track trends using third-party tools such as Terapeak and analyze your eBay sales performance, understand key growth contributors and identify opportunities and areas for improvement with eBay Sales Reports and eBay Stores traffic reports.

eBay Radio Guests: July 29, 2014 – Show 563

• Marsha Collier, Author, eBay for Dummies Series and Top Rated Seller marsha_c: Social and Mobile Selling
• Kris Rabideau, Merchandising Manager, eBay: eBay Garage Subaru Sweepstakes and eBay Motors Promotions
• Ian Aronovich, Co-Founder/President of Product Sourcing for Profit from Government Auctions
• Cindy Hallsted, Top Rated Seller pattycyn: Don't Be Afraid to Try Something New
• Camille Arkenberg, Top Rated Seller shopcamillesdeal: How We Used eBay to Become Completely Debt Free, Quit Our Jobs and Work Together Full-time From Home While Raising Our 7-Year-Old Twins