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business policies

Ask Griff & Lee - Show 331 - Segment 3

Broadcast Date: 
Apr 10 2014

Meesha, Des Moines NM (classy soles), asked about a seller-cancelled transaction and business policies going temporarily offline. Lee said the eBay Radio Party & Conference is sold out and advised people to get on the standby list as soon as possible by going to Griff discussed the difference between Get It Fast and Fast 'n' Free. Ruth, Easily SC (auctionruth), wrote in with a problem using a coupon code to purchase an item. Tom, Pittsburgh PA (blackandgoldgifts), had a comment about seller meetup groups.

eBay Radio - Show 543 - Segment 1

Broadcast Date: 
Feb 18 2014

Lee Mirabal read the eBay Radio news. Stories include Sochi Olympic jackets, Business Policies, pesky weather affecting shipping and more. Griff explained Business Policies and gave some tips.

Ask Griff and Lee - Show 311 - Segment 3

Broadcast Date: 
Oct 3 2013

Lee read a Contact Us question from Cindy Shebley, Seattle WA (clovercity). She wants to know what to teach her students about eBay's new Business Policies and how they apply to occasional sellers. EBetsy called about Lisa from Beaumont's Top-Rated Seller status and also told us about Bling My Bra, a charity auction campaign in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. To bid on an original handcrafted art bra, go to or just search eBay for keywords "bling my bra". All proceeds benefit The Breast Cancer Research Foundation through Giving Works.

Ask Griff and Lee - Show 302 - Segment 2

Broadcast Date: 
Jul 25 2013

Griff told us his David Bowie story. On the eBay Radio chat board, summersalvage asked if anyone else was having problems with eBay's new Business Policies. The "other" Schindler's list was discussed.

How and When to Use Business Policies

Feature Number: 
Publish Date: 
Jul 24 2013
Tipper Name: 
Jim "Griff" Griffith

eBay Radio - Show 517 - Segment 1

Broadcast Date: 
Jul 9 2013

Lee Mirabal read the eBay Radio news. Stories include eBay's new Business Policies; a ticket to Woodstock; new countries added to the Global Shipping program; a baseball bat autographed with an unprintable word; and more. Griff looked at the new eBay-compliant pictures on Lee's listings.

eBay Town Hall 9 - March 20, 2013

Broadcast Date: 
Mar 20 2013

The eBay Town Hall on March 20, 2013, focused on the initiatives featured in the 2013 Spring Seller Update, including:

  • A simplified rate plan for all sellers
  • Changes and enhancements to Seller Protection, specifically around reducing Unpaid Items and increasing Feedback Protection
  • Enforcement of the new Picture Requirements policy
  • The launch of Business Policies and Same-Day Handling
  • Changes to Categories and Item Specifics

EBay executives on the panel were:

eBay Radio - Show 503 - Segment 5 - Top Rated Seller Hour

Broadcast Date: 
Mar 19 2013

Business policies for payments, shipping, and returns! Our guest is Paula McNally, Senior Product Manager. Dave, Santa Barbara CA (antiquebuffet), asked about what to do about listings that are in violation of eBay rules. Paula stayed on to take questions. Sherry, Tampa FL (scrunchiesbysherry), had a challenge with the new Business Policies.

eBay Town Hall 7 - February 29, 2012

Broadcast Date: 
Feb 29 2012

The February 29, 2012 eBay Town Hall focused on the initiatives featured in the 2012 Spring Seller update, including:

  • changes to the Top-Rated Seller Program
  • added Seller Protections for Unpaid Items, Communication DSRs, and Global Shipping
  • the new Returns policy and features
  • the new Business Policies feature
  • announced updates to shipping and duplicate listing policies
  • free pictures and new picture requirements
  • some pricing changes
  • category updates
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