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certified ebay stores designer

eBay Radio - Show 478 - Segment 5

Broadcast Date: 
Aug 28 2012

Revamping and reviving your eBay store! Our guest is Sally Milo, known on eBay as going1ncellc and owner of Certified eBay Stores Designer Milo Design.

Live from X.Commerce Innovate Developer Conference 2011 - Show 2 - Segment 2

Broadcast Date: 
Oct 13 2011

Live coverage continues from day two of the X.Commerce Innovate Developer Conference. How X.Commerce will take Terapeak's analytics to the next level: Andrew Sukow, co-founder and CTO of Terapeak, is our guest with some breaking news! Lee stumped Andrew and Griff with her knowledge of a certain Terapeak tool. As X.Commerce comes to fruition, Frootion comes to X.Commerce: Our guests are CEO Phillip Molloy ad Operations Manager Andrew Bauser of Frooition, an Bay Certified Provider and Certified eBay Stores Designer.

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