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devin wenig

eBay Radio - Show 605 - Segment 1

Broadcast Date: 
Jul 21 2015

Griff gave an overview of today's show and introduced the eBay Radio News with Lee Mirabal. Stories include a separation; an acquisition; and some feel-good military news. Griff and Lee read inspiring excerpts from interviews with top eBay execs following the official eBay-PayPal split. Lee told us about her power being out yesterday and asked listeners to share their solutions for dealing with electrical outages.

Why You Need to Deliver a Great Buyer Experience

Feature Number: 
Publish Date: 
Jan 15 2014
Tipper Name: 
Devin Wenig

eBay Radio - Show 537 - Segment 1

Broadcast Date: 
Jan 7 2014

Lee Mirabal read the eBay Radio news. Stories include Phil Everly, feedback protection for delayed package delivery, a Beatles record and more. Griff and Lee had some very special surprise in-studio guests!

eBay Radio - Show 537 - Segment 2

Broadcast Date: 
Jan 7 2014

Surprise guests: President of eBay Marketplaces Devin Wenig and his Chief of Staff, Sara Brubacher, stopped by the eBay Radio studio at eBay headquarters to say hello for the New Year!

eBay Radio - Show 537 - Segment 3

Broadcast Date: 
Jan 7 2014

Open phones for Devin Wenig, President of eBay Marketplaces, and his Chief of Staff, Sarah Brubacher! EBetsy, Dallas TX (acquisator), called to thank Devin for all that eBay is doing for sellers and to say she's getting lots of newbie buyers. Jennifer, Boston, MA (boston_fashion_house), called to talk about having a sense of community and asked about eBay going back to having eBay Live! conferences again. Rich, Chicago IL (appealing signs), asked if there was any way to promote eBay's Education Specialist Program.

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