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drop shipping

eBay Radio - Show 591 - Segment 8 - Top Rated Seller Hour

Broadcast Date: 
Mar 31 2015

There are companies actively looking to partner with eBay sellers! Our guest is Justin Wall, Vice-President of Sales at UjENA Swimwear & Fashion.

eBay Radio - Show 587 - Segment 7 - Top Rated Seller Hour

Broadcast Date: 
Mar 3 2015

Drop shipping for eBay sellers! Our guest is David Niccum, Vice President of Marketing & Product for Doba.

Ask Griff & Lee - Show 355 - Segment 3

Broadcast Date: 
Nov 6 2014

Lynn, Spokane WA (wb7unu), asked about the eBay Radio iPhone app and offered a category suggestion for a future item hunt. Al, Philadelphia PA (pensydeals), was the fourth item hunter to call and had a question about drop shipping. First-time caller and brand-new seller Julie, Rancho Bernardo CA (cherryblossomschick), called in to ask for a listing dish of item number 231379023306,

eBay Radio - Show 555 - Segment 2

Broadcast Date: 
Jun 3 2014

Top drop-shipping strategies for eBay sellers! Our guest is Brandon Delgrosso, CEO of Doba.

Ask Griff & Lee - Show 337 - Segment 3

Broadcast Date: 
May 22 2014

Tom from Pittsburgh, PA (blackandgoldgifts) called in to extol the benefits of Hassle-Free Returns. First-time listener and first-time caller Chris, Victoria TX (, called with a question about drop shipping. Sherry, San Jose CA (mylittlegeneralstore), uses Hassle-Free Returns, and called to endorse it. Griff went into a mini-rantlet about the use of Hassle-Free Returns for any reason and making the buyer happy. Lee talked about the concept of "the customer is always right" being an attitude that not all new sellers have acquired.

eBay Radio - Show 539 - Segment 5

Broadcast Date: 
Jan 21 2014

Drop-shipping success! Our guest is Brandon DelGrosso, CEO of Doba.

eBay Radio - Show 530 - Segment 4

Broadcast Date: 
Oct 22 2013

An eBay Compatible Application that uploads tracking information for drop shipments! Our guest is Ted Fullerton, President of Ship Track Send.

eBay Radio Party & Conference 2011 - 8th Anniversary - Day 1 - Segment 1

Broadcast Date: 
Jun 22 2011

Broadcasting live from the 3rd annual eBay Radio Party & Conference at the fabulous Flamingo in vivid Las Vegas, Lee read the eBay Radio News starring a pope, flamingos, eBay's updated mobile app for the Android, and eBetsy's hair in addition to an image of Jesus on a rocking chair for sale on eBay. Platinum sponsor and event co-host Kabbage co-founders Marc Gorlin (Chairman) and Kathryn Petralia (COO) are our first guests, giving away prizes to our live audience and telling us about some surprises they have planned for the event, including Flat Bill.

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