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Ask Griff and Lee - Show 285 - Segment 3

Broadcast Date: 
Feb 21 2013

First-time caller Kathryn, Ireland WV (katwv), asked about using combined shipping. Carol, Palm Springs CA (recylebabe), called regarding mobile searches. First-time caller Frank, Lithia FL (pearlriverapparel), was curious about other ads showing up on his listings in Google Chrome. Patty, Miami FL, called regarding feedback that was revised, but the DSRs were not changed.

eBay Radio - Show 498 - Segment 2

Broadcast Date: 
Feb 12 2013

Listing and selling with eBay Mobile apps! Our guest is Cindy Sorley, known on eBay as Top-Rated Seller bubbacandance.

How Selling's Gotten Easier with the Newly Updated eBay Mobile App

Feature Number: 
Publish Date: 
Jan 30 2013
Tipper Name: 
Ginger Leishman

Ask Griff and Lee - Show 280 - Segment 3

Broadcast Date: 
Jan 17 2013

First- time caller John, Tucson AZ ( bladesbling), asked for a listing dish of item number 121052689468. He received 4.8 tureens. The all-new iPad 2.2 and iPhone 2.7 eBay apps are fantastic! Chuck Pletcher, eBay Mobile's Senior Manager of Product Management, stopped by the studio to fill us in on these newly updated apps and how they can help us sell more and sell better.

eBay Radio - Show 493 - Segment 4

Broadcast Date: 
Jan 8 2013

The newly updated eBay Mobile app for iPhone and iPad! Our guest is Ginger Leishman, Marketing Manager for eBay Mobile.

eBay Radio - Show 493 - Segment 1

Broadcast Date: 
Jan 8 2013

Lee Mirabal reads the eBay Radio nnews. Stories include get-out-of-jail free cards; Bernie Madoff's library; and an allegedly stolen Academy Award statuette. Griff and Lee talk about the newly updated eBay Mobile app for the iPhone and iPad.

Ask Griff and Lee - Show 278 - Segment 4

Broadcast Date: 
Dec 13 2012

First-time caller Rick, Vancouver WA (cybersalesbyrick), has a Christmas Wish for Santa: He wants Regional Rate box C added into the post-sale shipping options. Lee told us about PayPal's new Return Shipping on Us promotion. Details are available at Patty, Long Beach CA (ednasholidayplace), had a Christmas wish for eBay Santa. Miriam, Chico CA (bluefrogshoes1), asked eBay Santa for more templates. She would love to have 20 or more templates from Santa. Doug, Santa Rosa CA (doug95403), asked eBay Santa to talk to the post office to add M bags to international shipping.

eBay Radio - Show 490 - Segment 5

Broadcast Date: 
Dec 4 2012

eBay Mobile holiday promotions! Our guest is Ginger Leishman, Marketing Manager for eBay Mobile. She also talked about Red Laser and how it can help you get the best price on an item. The Red Laser Real Life Sweepstakes is a new promotion going on right now.

Ask Griff and Lee - Show 272 - Segment 2

Broadcast Date: 
Sep 27 2012

Lee took Griff to visit a listing for an unusual painting by Kata Billups featuring Paul McCartney, Jesus, and a Lamb Chop puppet (item 190336609113). Next they discussed an auction for Lady Gaga's authentic fake fingernail. They also talked about the latest cell phones. Lee is reluctant to buy a new phone because of the new ones coming out. Ed, Corning NY (esp830), called regarding using Auctiva's embedded photos in your listing and how it looks on mobile devices.

Ask Griff and Lee - Show 272 - Segment 1

Broadcast Date: 
Sep 27 2012

Griff and Lee talked about eBay Radio Chief Engineer John Sell's recovery from surgery. He is doing fine. They also gave us some tips about optimizing your listings for mobile viewing from eBay's Holiday Selling Guide, located under the Selling Resources tab in the Seller Information Center at George, Atlantic City NJ (khachick), called with a great suggestion for putting feedback about the item in multi-quantity listings.

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