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eBay Radio - Show 579 - Segment 1

Broadcast Date: 
Dec 16 2014

Griff gave an overview of today's show and introduced the eBay Radio News with Lee Mirabal. Stories include eBay's new out-of-stock option; Prince George's jumper; and more free photos on eBay Motors. Griff reminded us to use our Store Vacation Settings when taking a break over the holidays. He explained how best to utilize them and directed us to more information in his post on the eBay for Business blog at

eBay Radio - Show 563 - Segment 4

Broadcast Date: 
Jul 29 2014

eBay Garage Subaru Sweepstakes and other eBay Motors news! Our guest is eBay Merchandising Manager Kris Rabideau.

Ask Griff & Lee - Show 330 - Segment 3

Broadcast Date: 
Apr 3 2014

Lee discussed the eBay Radio Party & Conference standby list and the likelihood of getting into the event if you sign up now at Ed (eds-e-threads) wants to upgrade the banner on his eBay store. Griff and Lee talked about the importance of upgrading and branding your business on eBay. Alan (aj_vintagevariety) wants to know how to change to the new eBay Store design. Griff and Lee gave 5 reasons to print shipping labels through eBay. New seller Jim, San Diego CA (farrejamre), owns a Mercedes repair business and has used parts that he wants to sell on eBay.

eBay Radio - Show 548 - Segment 6

Broadcast Date: 
Mar 25 2014

Priyanka Sharma with GoDaddy Online Bookkeeping ( called in her report on taxes. Matt, Cedro Wooley WA (mattbecca), had a question about refunding an international buyer without requiring them to send the item back. Alice, Bayard NE (basketrse), called about using eBay's Hassle-Free Returns for eBay Motors items. Michelle, Lamont IL (basketnrse), had a question about a USPS tracking glitch and how it could affect her defect rate. CJ, San Diego CA (mojoemodern), won the Secret Word contest.

eBay Radio - Show 531 - Segment 5

Broadcast Date: 
Oct 29 2013

eBay Electronics and eBay Motors! Our guest is Ryan Emge, Social Media Program Director for eBay Electronics and eBay Motors.

eBay Radio - Show 517 - Segment 9 - Top Rated Seller Hour

Broadcast Date: 
Jul 9 2013

Jake Gasaway and Bridge Mellencamp from Stitch Labs ( called in to advise us that size does make a difference when you're selling on eBay. Griff and Lee chatted about a car driven by President John F. Kennedy that's up for sale on eBay Motors and discussed eBay's new Rich Pins on Pinterest.

eBay Town Hall 7 - February 29, 2012

Broadcast Date: 
Feb 29 2012

The February 29, 2012 eBay Town Hall focused on the initiatives featured in the 2012 Spring Seller update, including:

  • changes to the Top-Rated Seller Program
  • added Seller Protections for Unpaid Items, Communication DSRs, and Global Shipping
  • the new Returns policy and features
  • the new Business Policies feature
  • announced updates to shipping and duplicate listing policies
  • free pictures and new picture requirements
  • some pricing changes
  • category updates
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