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Welcome to eBay Radio's Seller Groups Directory! Voicemarketing Radio Syndication provides this directory as a service to our community, because we strongly support the mission of helping local area online sellers become more successful. We hope you will find it useful. None of the seller groups listed herein is affiliated with, endorsed, or verified in any way by Voicemarketing, eBay Radio, or eBay Inc. If you have started an eBay seller meetup group in your area, please email the details to so that we can include it here.

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Why You Should Join an eBay Sellers Group

Feature Number: 
Publish Date: 
Jul 22 2014
Tipper Name: 
Marianne Ritter

eBay Radio - Show 535 - Segment 5

Broadcast Date: 
Dec 10 2013

A new guide for Meetup organizers! Our guest is eBay Certified Education Specialist Stephanie Inge (known on eBay as stephintexas), founder/organizer of the Dallas eBaybes & eMales as well as two other Dallas-area Meetup groups and author of the Meetup Organizer Step-by-Step Success Guide.

Why You Should Join or Organize a Sellers Meetup Group

Feature Number: 
Publish Date: 
Jul 30 2012
Tipper Name: 
Betty White

How to Start an eBay Sellers Group

Feature Number: 
Publish Date: 
Feb 25 2012
Tipper Name: 
Carmie Docton
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