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eBay Radio - Show 583 - Segment 3

Broadcast Date: 
Jan 27 2015

Open phones, Contact Us email and more! First-time caller Samantha, Dover DE (notureaveragemiss101), had a question about using Selling Manager Pro's custom labels with multi-variation listings. Griff and Lee also dished her listing for item number 231201807377 and gave it a score of 4.85 tureens.

eBay Radio - Show 569 - Segment 9 - Top Rated Seller Hour

Broadcast Date: 
Sep 16 2014

Open phones, Contact Us emails, and more: Griff and Lee discussed modern technology and early vintage cell phones selling on eBay. Teresa, Tempe AZ (clubred97), told us about an interesting way she uses the custom label in Selling Manager Pro. She had a suggestion for eBay. Griff and Lee talked about Griff's camera and what he likes about it.

eBay Radio - Show 565 - Segment 3

Broadcast Date: 
Aug 12 2014

2014 Fall Seller Update edition of eBay Radio: Selling Manager and Selling Manager Pro! Our guests are Dennis Pereira, B2C Product Marketing Manager, and Tuanh Decroix, Senior Product Manager. They stayed on to take calls from listeners.

eBay Radio - Show 562 - Segment 3

Broadcast Date: 
Jul 22 2014

Open phones, Contact Us email and more: Lee and Griff talked about Collections. Tom, Pittsburgh PA (blackandgoldgifts) asked the difference between a personal eBay account and a business account. Edie in Santa Monica CA (lah_de_dah), called about using custom labels in Selling Manager Pro and TurboLister to help organize your inventory.

eBay Town Hall 11 - August 13, 2014

Broadcast Date: 
Aug 13 2014

The eBay Town Hall on August 13, 2014, focused on the initiatives in the 2014 Fall Seller Update. eBay team leaders on the panel included:

  • Executive Sponsor Michael Jones, Vice President, Merchant Development, North American Marketplaces
  • Brian Burke, Director of Global Reputation
  • Jonathan Haney, Head of Returns Experience
  • Dennis Pereira, B2C Product Marketing Manager (Selling Manager and Selling Manager Pro)
  • Aparna Lahiri, Manager of eBay Global Shipping Program

eBay Radio - Show 533 - Segment 9 - Top Rated Seller Hour

Broadcast Date: 
Nov 19 2013

Eric Nash from ( called in to tell us about the new USPS rates for 2014 and's free Holiday Shipping Guide. Get info about the new 2014 USPS rates at, and download your free Holiday Shipping Guide at Lee read some questions from the Contact Us link. Jenny, Blairsville GA (completeoutfitsource), called to ask how she can relist items after 90 days.

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