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eBay Radio - Show 564 - Segment 3

Broadcast Date: 
Aug 5 2014

Open Phones, Contact Us emails and more! Matt Brossard from Terapeak (http://www.terapeak) called in with today's Research Report. John, Colorado Springs CO, called in to tell us where Bubblefast's Scotty Stuffer got its name. Sherry, Largo FL (scrunchiesbysherry), called in to tell us how she ships mugs. Debbie, Vacaville CA (thebookkiosk), called in from Reno, NV, with some advice on using Pinterest to increase sales. Another caller gave advice about photography. eBetsy called to read a chat board member's suggestion for posting egg carton crafts and listings on Pinterest.

Ask Griff & Lee - Show 342 - Segment 4

Broadcast Date: 
Jul 24 2014

First-time caller Mary, Milwaukee WI (marys_world), was asked to stay on in order to dish her listing for item number 111416229561. Griff and Lee gave her a score of 4.8 and asked her to call back next week after she's made some changes. Matt Brossard from Terapeak ( called in with today's research report.

eBay Radio - Show 561 - Segment 3

Broadcast Date: 
Jul 15 2014

Open phones, Contact Us emails and more: Matt Brossard from Terapeak ( called in with our marketplace research report. Stephanie, Philadelphia PA (battery215), had an issue with unpaid items. Jason, Saxonburg PA (unashamed7777), asked if there is an easy way to use a photo from on eBay and if eBay is working on any ways to speed up the listing process. eBetsy, Dallas TX (monjott), had a question about eBay's automated listing recommendations messages.

eBay Radio - Show 559 - Segment 4

Broadcast Date: 
Jun 19 2014

Continuing with Day 3 of the eBay Radio Party & Conference, broadcasting live throughout the world from the Platinum Ballroom at Bally's Las Vegas: Our guest is Matt Brossard, Customer Experience Manager for Terapeak.

eBay Radio - Show 556 - Segment 3

Broadcast Date: 
Jun 10 2014

Open phones, Contact Us emails, and more: Matt Brossard from Terapeak ( called in with today's research report. Sandi, Alameda CA (office threads) called to talk about being part of the Mentors Corner at the upcoming eBay Radio Party & Conference, next Tuesday-Thursday, June 17-19 at Bally's Las Vegas (

Ask Griff & Lee - Show 338 - Segment 4

Broadcast Date: 
May 29 2014

Matt Brossard from Terapeak called in from Australia with today's market research report. eBay seller gisaac81,Purvis MS, sent in a listing dish request for item number 161317310798. They received a score of 4 tureens from Griff and 4.6 from Lee — a most unusual variance. The seller was asked to make the suggested changes and call in with a re-dish request next week.

Ask Griff & Lee - Show 335 - Segment 4

Broadcast Date: 
May 8 2014

Caller Billy, Torrance CA (hotbid22), was carried over from the previous segment with his question about getting a transaction defect due to an Item Not Received case. Matt Brossard from Terapeak ( called in with his research report on sales of gardening items. Lisa, Waco TX (stuffandsuch29), advised Tammy (the first-time caller from segment 3) to stop focusing on how to improve her rankings in Best Match and just follow best practices.

eBay Radio - Show 552 - Segment 6

Broadcast Date: 
May 6 2014

Open phones, Contact Us email and more: Matt Brossard from Terapeak ( called in with a research report. Patrick, Grand Rapids MI (patrickk1358) thinks revealing watcher count on a listing should be up to the seller. Alan, MI (aj_vintagevariety), wrote in about receiving two international packages back without ever hearing from the buyers. Martha, Dallas TX (herwolddallas), called in with the Secret Word. EBetsy had a suggestion as to why Alan's international packages came back and how he could refund them through PayPal even after 60 days.

Ask Griff and Lee - Show 325 - Segment 3

Broadcast Date: 
Feb 20 2014

Daniel, Front Royal VA (karate25Daniel), called to tell us that Terapeak is not currently accessible by the blind. Bev, Chicago IL (samican2, videotown), called with a tip on how to get USPS to scan your package. Allen, Cuyahoga Falls OH (lulachhola), called regarding Item Specifics when selling via eBay Mobile. eBay's new acquisition of a company called PhiSix was discussed; the company specializes in 3D modeling "virtual try-on" of clothing. Lynn, Shaumburg IL (daisydog62), had a huge challenge with eBay's Guest Buyer program.

eBay Radio - Show 540 - Segment 9 - Top Rated Seller Hour

Broadcast Date: 
Jan 28 2014

Lots of tips for eBay sellers! Matt from Terapeak ( called in to remind us about the upcoming Chinese New Year and how sellers should be aware of this holiday all around the world.

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