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unpaid item

Ask Griff and Lee - Show 271 - Segment 4

Broadcast Date: 
Sep 20 2012

First-time caller Cari, Montana (thegoodsgoddess), called regarding two buyers who did not pay. She wants to know what to do. Lee discusses eBay's exploration into ways to harness an untapped class of youthful buyers. The company says they may allow consumers under 18 years old to set up accounts.

eBay Radio - Show 477 - Segment 6

Broadcast Date: 
Aug 21 2012

Laura Messershmitt from Outright ( called in to remind us to send in our estimated taxes. Joyce, Russell KS (danse, holidaymarket), called to tell us that registration is open for the Kansas Jubilee eBay to Ecommerce Conference, October 26-27, 2012, in Hayes, KS. Register now at John, Daytona Beach FL (pey2000), asked what happens when a buyer doesn't pay for their Best Offer item. Don, Mountain View CA (grafx1), called about an issue he is having with a buyer in Israel.

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