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BRANDING YOUR EBAY STORE by Shana Champion in eBay for Business

08 Apr 2015 Blog

If you have an eBay Store, you can—t afford to ignore branding. Everything you do with regard to your business says something about your brand. You—re branding every day. It—s just a matter of what you—re conveying.

Branding can help you stand out from the pack, but what else can it do for your business on eBay?

Branding Can Help You Rank Better in Search

It’s s a well known secret that Google prioritizes established brands in organic search results, as visitors are more likely to click on them. I—m not saying that it will be easy to go up against some of the huge online retailers with massive brand equity, but if you have a unique niche and a solid brand strategy, you have a better chance of fighting your way to the top.

Branding Can Help You Retain Customers

Once you attract a potential buyer and turn them into a customer, branding can go a long way to help you retain them–_or to encourage repeat business. If you—ve left an impression, established an emotional connection and delivered on your brand—s promise, they—ll think of you the next time they—re in the market for what you sell. It—s that simple.

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