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Changing the Way You Handle Your eBay Life

25 Jan 2016 Blog

John C Maxwell says, “You’ll never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret of your success is found in your daily routine.” Getting more eBay sales in 2016 means changing your daily habits. Sometimes it’s as easy as listing more items each week…because “list more, sell more”!

Lynn Dralle lists 100 to 150 new items every week. Her method of listing breaks down each step into manageable bits.

    • Take pictures of similarly size and shaped items all at once…setting up the background and lighting once, then snapping photos of several items one after another.
    • If possible, do most of your cropping and editing of photos while you’re taking them. You many still want to crop some into square photos afterward. Use a fast editor, such as Microsoft Office Picture Manager or Picasa, to help you do this as quickly as possible.
    • List items relative to their weight. Then once you’ve set the shipping calculator, it’s all ready for the next listing.
    • Research pricing and keywords prior to listing. Research can be done anywhere your tablet or phone can be used. Keep a listing sheet or Post-It note with the item, so the info you find while researching it is close at hand when you list it.
    • Use some kind of template, like an Excel spread sheet or Word document. Once an item is listed, simply type over the words that no longer match the next item being listed.

Lynn is able to list 100 to 150 items in a single week and still attend her kids’ games and events, thus keeping a balance in her life