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eBay Radio – Show 577 – Segment 6

25 Nov 2014 Broadcasts,eBayRadio

Open phones, Contact Us email, and more! Don, Los Angeles CA (treasure-hunters-online), wrote in about the Sell Your Item form bug that other sellers have reported, where prices and other information don’t stay entered. He also wants to be able to search for Sold Items on eBay Mobile, change searches and have Sold Items filter still in place rather than search defaulting back to Active Items.
Christie, Dumphries VA (youarefamous), called with a workaround for an oft-reported bug; she also has a challenge with her sold items relisting themselves. Jason, Saxonburg PA (unashamed777), is going to go from Top-Rated to Above Standard in his next evaluation period due to not meeting the 90% tracking upload requirement; will extending his handling time for certain items save his Top-Rated Seller status?