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Protection for Sellers Impacted by Hurricanes Harvey or Irma

05 Sep 2017 Blog

Due to the severity of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, many eBayers may be affected. eBay will automatically apply Seller Protection to all impacted sellers. You will not receive defects for stockouts or unresolved cases with buyers, nor will your late shipment rate  be impacted.

If your merchandise has been damaged, or you will not be able to access it, eBay recommends ending any auctions and taking down any Buy It Now listings before they result in a sale. eBay will not charge a fee for ending listings early.

If you are an eBay Stores subscriber, place your store in vacation mode and extend your handling time on all items to when you can get back to business.

In addition, eBay is  implementing some special measures to help sellers impacted by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma. All of these protections will be applied automatically. You won’t need to call or email in to receive the following benefits:

  • Waive store subscription and insertion fees. eBay will waive insertion fees and Store subscription fees for all store levels for three months for all impacted sellers.
  • Free Promoted Listings. Once your business is up and running again, we’d like to help you jumpstart your cash flow with a $30 Promoted Listings credit for business sellers.
  • Free Shipping supplies. To help get your shipping station restocked, we will send you a   $30 coupon for eBay branded shipping supplies for business sellers.

eBay can also help by placing your store in vacation mode, taking down your listings and saving them in My eBay, and emailing your buyers. If you need customer service, please call eBay at 866-540-3229, or send email to [email protected]

eBay Radio reminds you that Harvey and Irma have also impacted buyers. Please be patient with customers from the affected region.

For more details concerning hurricane-related eBay announcements, please visit the Announcements Board at or from your Seller Hub Overview page.