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Advice for the Entrepreneur: Lee’s Tip #191

Lee's Tips,Seller Resources

Emails, instant messages, voice mail and audio/video conferencing have taken over, robbing us of our independence and stealing time from our life and business. As a result, we have to defend our day from interruptions.

Here’s the deal: You are in charge. So take charge! I control my inbound distractions by scheduling them. I read emails first thing in the morning, then check voicemails and My eBay. I check them all again at midday, then once more about 30 minutes before I quit work for the day.

Do not check voicemail or email throughout the day other than at these designated times. (Depending on your sales volume, you may prefer to check your My eBay/Seller Hub more frequently for Best Offers, new orders, paid items, questions from customers/potential buyers, etc.). Make sure that when you do check email and voicemail, you allow at least 30 minutes to respond and/or deal with any issues.