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New Pricing Updates Mean More Free Listings for All Sellers!

05 Oct 2015 Blog

eBay has announced some exciting new pricing updates, slated to take effect on October 15, 2015. The gist of these updates boils down to an early holiday gift for eBay sellers: more free listings for all, just in time for you to ramp up for the holidays! Here’s a rundown of the details.

For sellers with an eBay Store subscription:

Basic-level eBay Store subscribers will get an increased allotment from 150 to 200 zero-insertion-fee (i.e., free!) Fixed Price listings per month.

For all eBay Stores subscribers, the monthly allotment of 100 additional zero insertion fee auction-style listings will be extended to apply to listings in both Collectibles and Fashion categories.

For sellers without an eBay Store subscription:

An increased allotment from 20 to 50 zero-insertion-fee auction-style or fixed price listings in nearly all categories.

An offer to try a Basic eBay Stores subscription for one month, absolutely free. That means you’ll get more free listings as well as access to promotional tools only available to eBay Stores subscribers. Space is limited, so you must activate this offer by October 31st.

Sellers asked for more free listings, and eBay listened! Get the whole story — plus a link to the one month free store subscription offer — at….