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Advice for the Entrepreneur: Lee’s Tip #223

23 May 2017 Lee's Tips,Seller Resources

Some artists feel rewarded by the completion of their vision alone. Having said that, many artists also have made a living selling the results of their their creativity both online and off.

The myth about artists not being good salespeople is phooey. Artists are gifted with the same qualities needed for successful entrepreneurship. First, they have vision. Then they creatively take their vision to fruition.

Creativity is the most important tool of a successful entrepreneur. Join with other artists who are marketing their work, and learn from them. Have a good and creative day!

Advice for the Entrepreneur: Lee’s Tip #173

29 Mar 2016 Lee's Tips,Seller Resources

Do you work in silence? Or do you have music or the radio on? (If so, eBay Radio would be a good choice.) How about television, or a coffee shop’s background noise?

Some experts believe reading is just about the only activity that may be enhanced by being in a silent room, such as a library. They claim that noise begets creativity — which is good news for those of us who are media hounds.

Professor Ravi Mehta, who studied the way a brain processes information against different levels of background noise, concluded that a moderate level of noise not only enhances creative problem-solving, but also leads to a greater adoption of innovative products in certain settings. The sweet spot is around 70 decibels, or about the same noise level as a car driving by outside.

So don’t feel guilty if you want to hear music, radio, TV or even café sounds while you work. Just don’t go overboard with the noise.

Advice for the Entrepreneur: Lee’s Tip #128

07 Apr 2015 Uncategorized

Creative types are socialized to think they can never market anything, including themselves. They think sales or marketing is somehow not creative, when in fact successful marketing campaigns come from a creative vision. Creative types have special talents enabling them to find success in business. In the words of Steve Jobs, “If there’s one thing that distinguishes highly creative people from others, it’s the ability to see possibilities where others don’t — or, in other words, vision. Many great artists and writers have said that creativity is simply the ability to connect the dots that others might never think to connect.” Creative types may also feel guilty when they accomplish a creative feat because they think somehow it didn’t take skills to create a vision. Vision is not only a marketable skill, it’s a highly effective one. Use it with pride.

Advice for the Entrepreneur: Lee’s Tip #73

25 Feb 2014 Uncategorized

How many times have you heard someone say,”I’m not sales oriented; I’m more the creative type.” This business of having to be one or the other is a complete myth. Successful entrepreneurs are extremely creative, even those from a sales background. The most successful salespeople are very creative, always coming up with new ideas to get the sale. Successful entrepreneurs are constantly coming up with ideas — and figuring out how to turn those ideas into profits. Being creative as an entrepreneur has nothing to do with painting or sculpture or even writing. One definition of creativity is the ability to transcend traditional ideas, rules, patterns, relationships or the like, in order to generate meaningful new ideas. Each of us has the creative gene in us, so learn to embrace it!

Advice for the Entrepreneur: Lee’s Tip #52

24 Sep 2013 Uncategorized

When I was a radio station account executive (advertising salesperson), I had to meet the goals set for me by my sales manager. Those goals went up, year after year. At first it was daunting. While it’s true that the cost of living goes up each year, the sales goals were way beyond that. I learned a valuable lesson. The best salespeople are creative. I raised the prices of the ad spots just a wee bit, then created packages of spots and sponsorships of events along with 10-second mentions, etc. The added value gave me more clients, and that’s what helped me reach my sales goals. Do you have sales goals? Do you want to grow them? If so, get creative. For example, bundle 2 or 3 products together and give them a fun name; raise your prices a little bit; list more. It works!

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