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Ask Griff & Lee – Show 499 – Segment 3

05 Apr 2018 AskGriffandLee,Broadcasts

Lee read birthday greetings from the chat board to Griff. Edie, Santa Monica CA (dress_to_suit), asked about offering free promotional items and item descriptions. Griff and Lee continued reading “11 Things to Consider When Pricing Ecommerce Products” by Chris Dawson for Tamebay.

eBay Radio – Show 715 – Segment 4

13 Mar 2018 Broadcasts,eBayRadio

Remember the noun and other tips for writing listings that sell! Our guest is eBay educator Stephanie Inge, known on eBay as Top Rated Seller stephintexas.

eBay Radio – Show 710 – Segment 4

30 Jan 2018 Broadcasts,eBayRadio

6 ways to encourage sales! Our guest is eBay educator Louise Sanchez, known on eBay as Top Rated Seller herbscraftsgifts.

eBay Radio – Show 710 – Segment 5

30 Jan 2018 Broadcasts,eBayRadio

Item specifics versus item description! Our guest is Vicki Conley, known on eBay as pictureithere.

eBay Radio Guests: January 23, 2018 – Show 709

23 Jan 2018 Blog

Our guests for eBay Radio Show #709 for January 23, 2018, are:

  • Dawn Ralston, Founder of Declutter with Diva Dawn, Director of Camp Clutter B Gone, and Top Rated Seller divadawnlv: Revisiting Your 2017 Resolutions in 2018
  • Kathy Terrill, CEO, I Love to Be Selling, and Top Rated Seller nycfitnessfamilyfinds: Social Media That Works in 2018!
  • Cliff Ennico, Attorney, Author, and Small Business Expert: Coping with Taxes in 2018
  • Annette Rostetter, Meetup Organizer and Top Rated Seller elmwoodcottage: Starting and Growing a Seller Meetup Group in 2018
  • Marsha Collier, Author of the eBay for Dummies Series and Top Rated Seller marsha_c: How to Write More Effective Listings in 2018


Ask Griff & Lee – Show 481 – Segment 1

02 Nov 2017 AskGriffandLee,Broadcasts

Lee shared eBay’s announcements about Promoted Listings’ rollout to Motors Categories and protections for sellers impacted by the recent storms in the Northeast; get all the details at She also shared some news about Watch Lists. First-time caller Toni, Kerrville TX (sitogeur), shared a funny story and had a question about descriptions.


eBay Radio – Show 699 – Segment 4

03 Oct 2017 Broadcasts,eBayRadio

5 mistakes sellers make — and how to avoid them! Our guest is Suzanne A. Wells, the eBay Coach, known on eBay as Top Rated Seller atlantagolfshop.

eBay Radio – Show 687 – Segment 5

11 Jul 2017 Broadcasts,eBayRadio

How to write descriptions that sell! Our guest is Cindy Shebley, leader of the Web Sellers Circle, known on eBay as Top Rated Seller clovercity.

eBay Radio Guests: July 11, 2017 – Show 687

11 Jul 2017 Blog

Our guests for eBay Radio Show #687 on July 11, 2017, are:

  • Diva Dawn Ralston, Founder of Declutter with Diva Dawn, Director of Camp Clutter B Gone and Top Rated Seller divadawnlv: Greetings from Camp Clutter B Gone!
  • Laurie Wong, 2016 SHINE Awards Grand Prize Winner and Top Rated Seller reflectionsoftrinity: My Experience as eBay’s Small Business of the Year
  • Cindy Shebley, Leader of the Web Sellers Circle and Top Rated Seller clovercity: How to Write Descriptions That Sell
  • Lorianne Bowers, Top Rated Seller clbcollectables: Succeeding with Consignment Sales
  • Shari Smith, eBay Educator and eBay ID gino4603: USPS or FedEx? Flat Rate or Not? Shari’s Rules for Shipping

Advice for the Entrepreneur: Lee’s Tip #141

14 Jul 2015 Uncategorized

I wrote a Facebook post about bringing more clothes than I needed for the eBay Radio Party & Conference, because I wanted to see lots of choices in my hotel room closet. I ended up, as I always do, wearing my most comfortable outfits. It took me days to cull though my closet to come up with the choices. I do this with every trip I take. This year, I learned a valuable lesson: Keep it simple, and save a lot of time. I’ll be bringing you lots of time-saving tips this year. First, let’s tackle your listing descriptions. Are you still writing a novel? In the case of listing descriptions, as in my wardrobe, less is more. Think of the wasted time writing long listing descriptions when they should be short and to the point. If you don’t have short, one-line statements in your listings, then cull through them and cut them down. You’ll be more mobile friendly, and you’ll save a lot of time, which will enable you to grow your business.

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