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Advice for the Entrepreneur: Lee’s Tip #221

02 May 2017 Lee's Tips,Seller Resources

Priorities are everything. What is on your “A” list? Here is a simple 3-minute task for each day. First, list all your tasks for today, even the mundane or personal. Then categorize them by levels: A, B, C or D.

“A” items are the must-do’s for today, such as shipping sold items or your 3pm meeting with your child’s teacher. Your “B” list would consist of stuff that if left undone today would result in few if any repercussions; for example, filing your paperwork or cleaning off your file cabinet. “C” items, if left undone, would have little to no negative impact on your business or life.

“D” is for items to delegate whenever possible. This works. Have fun.

Advice for the Entrepreneur: Lee’s Tip #94

22 Jul 2014 Uncategorized

After finding myself working at 2am, I wondered: How many actual hours do we spend on our online businesses? You shouldn’t be spending more than 30 or 40 hours per week working full time. You need the rest of your time to sleep; take care of family responsibilities such as children and your lover or honey, etc.; take care of your personal bookkeeping; shop for food, clothes and other stuff; accomplish chores such as housework, cooking and errangs; doctor’s appointments; and, of course, have fun. Sit down (when you have a moment), and make a spreadsheet with ALL of your responsibilities in life, then time them for a week. After one week, take a look to see what your work/life ratio is. You CAN have it all; you just need to prioritize. You may find that you start and stop work many times during the day, sometimes with just plain old distractions. These will be evident to you after one week. This test will enable you to find ways to streamline.

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