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Advice for the Entrepreneur: Lee’s Tip #273

24 Jul 2018 Lee's Tips,Seller Resources

My tip for today is tailored to eBay Open 2018 attendees, but it applies to those of you at home as well. Two words: Pace yourself. Today and tomorrow and the day after that are going to be a whirlwind of education, networking, and seller celebration.

You’ll be pulling out all the stops to have the best possible time and get the most out of your Open experience here at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, but please don’t pull them all out at once. A 3-day conference is a marathon, not a sprint!

Just remember to wear comfy shoes, stay hydrated, and replenish your stash of business cards every night or in the morning before you head to the convention space. Above all, enjoy this time with your eBay tribe. See you at the Brooklyn Bowl!

eBay Radio – Show 729 – Segment 8 – Top Rated Seller Hour

10 Jul 2018 Broadcasts,eBayRadio

Three ways to get more done! Our guest is Charlene Anderson, known on eBay as Top Rated Seller purveyorallthingscreative.

eBay Radio Guests: July 10, 2018 – Show 729

10 Jul 2018 Blog

Our guests for eBay Radio Show #729 for July 10, 2018, are:

  • Diva Dawn Ralston, Top Rated Seller divadawnlv, Founder of Declutter with Diva Dawn, and Director of Camp Clutter B Gone: Get Organized for eBay Open
  • Ciara Brown, eBay ID thediamondhanger and Winner of the 2017 SHINE Award for Young Entrepreneur: What Winning My SHINE Award Has Meant to Me and for My Business
  • Cindy Hallsted, Top Rated Seller pattycyn and Organizer of the Surf’s Up eBay San Diego Sellers Group: Networking at Your Local Seller Group Meetup
  • Charlene Anderson, Top Rated Seller purveyorallthingscreative: 3 Ways to Get More Done


eBay Radio – Show 719 – Segment 7 – Top Rated Seller Hour

10 Apr 2018 Broadcasts,eBayRadio

Top 5 tips for managing your time, the house, and the kids too! Our guest is stay-at-home mom Laura Wojewoda, known on eBay as Top Rated Seller dolphinslvr2002.

eBay Radio Guests: April 10, 2018 – Show 719

10 Apr 2018 Blog

Our guests for eBay Radio Show #719 on April 10, 2018, are:

  • Rieva Lesonsky, CEO and President, Grow Biz Media and Small Biz Daily: 5 Social Marketing Trends You Should Know About
  • Cliff Ennico, Small Business Attorney and Author of The eBay Seller’s Tax & Legal Answer Book: Tariffs, Quotas, and Other International Trade Taxes — and How They Impact Your Business
  • Scott Cutler, Senior Vice President, Americas, eBay: Can Artificial Intelligence Humanize the Shopping Experience?
  • Laura Wojewoda, Stay-At-Home Mom and Top Rated Seller dolphinslvr2002: Top 5 Tips for Managing Your Time, the House, and the Kids
  • Carolyn “CJ” Jacinto, eBay Educator and Top Rated Seller xoxmas: Calculating the Cost of Returns


eBay Radio – Show 717 – Segment 3 – Top Rated Seller Hour

27 Mar 2018 Broadcasts,eBayRadio

5 strategies for better eBay time management! Our guest is Lynn Hudziak, known on eBay as Top Rated Seller dazy-dog62.

eBay Radio Guests: March 27, 2018 – Show 717

27 Mar 2018 Blog

Our guests for eBay Radio Show #717 for March 27, 2018, are:

  • Linda Bryant, Top Rated Seller bryantapple and eBay ID thetiewhisperer: Selling on eBay After My Retirement
  • Kristina Victor, Marketing Manager, Shipping, eBay: Expanding the Guaranteed Delivery Program
  • Lynn Hudziak, Top Rated Seller dazy-dog62: 5 Strategies for Better eBay Time Management
  • Tim Dombrowski, Top Rated Seller luckytimd: Listing with Mercedes and Milo – eBay’s Most Famous Felines


Advice for the Entrepreneur: Lee’s Tip #255

06 Mar 2018 Lee's Tips,Seller Resources

One of the biggest challenges work-from-home entrepreneurs face is when family and friends fail to take your workday seriously. You need to create a true work atmosphere in for your business.

Although one of the benefits of being your own boss is that you are able to take time off to do the things you want, it can be highly disruptive to your business to be constantly interrupted. In order to succeed, you must take charge of your average work day.

So 3 tips today:

  1. Post your hours of operation on your door, and make sure you stick to it. One of those handy “Do Not Disturb” signs showed up by mistake in my suitcase after a trip, and I hang it on my office door.
  2. Put your business hours on your voicemail and refer the caller to your home phone if it’s personal.
  3. Pretend you’re not home. Don’t answer your home phone or door during business hours. You’re not being anti-social; you’re being a business owner.

Advice for the Entrepreneur: Lee’s List #252

06 Feb 2018 Lee's Tips,Seller Resources

How many breaks a day do you take? What do you do on those breaks? In some businesses, you take your snack and meet your co-workers in the break room at designated times. In others, you are allowed two rolling breaks a day.

You are a business owner, so you get to choose. What should we be doing on our breaks? Pick two of the following:

  1. Eat a small snack and go for a walk.
  2. Brew a cup of tea and read a novel.
  3. Drink coffee and make notes relating to the rest of your workday.
  4. Catch up on the news and your personal email.

Numbers 1 and 2 are the right answers, because 3 and 4 involve work and possibly anxiety. Take at least 2 breaks a day, and totally get away from anything that even resembles work. It will serve you well.

eBay Radio – Show 709 – Segment 2

23 Jan 2018 Broadcasts,eBayRadio

Revisiting your 2017 resolutions in 2018! Our guest is Diva Dawn Ralston, founder and owner of Declutter with Diva Dawn and Director of Camp Clutter B Gone, known on eBay as Top Rated Seller divadawnlv.

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