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eBay Radio – Show 590 – Segment 6

24 Mar 2015 Broadcasts,eBayRadio

Open phones, Contact Us email and more: Robert, New Milford NJ (tabhunter9), had a question about how guests are chosen to appear on eBay Radio. We are always looking for interesting new guests; if you have something informative, educational or enlightening to share, please click the “Be a Guest!” link at the top of any page in the eBay Radio archives and fill out the web form.
onna, Huntington Beach CA (wissuperstore), wondered why International transactions are affecting her seller performance score. Ann, Chicago IL (anula66), won the Secret Word Contest. Sally, Cape Coral FL (vwbusnut), wanted to know how to embed a YouTube video in her listing. Lee commented on sellers who vent on Facebook.